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From sharing megabytes of photos and videos to storing terabytes of sensitive data, NFC Vault covers it all.





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We are a strong substitute of Dropbox. We help you build productivity and simplify your workflow with a solution that provides end-point security, on demand-sync, backup & protection of files, along with seamless file access and collaboration.

Robust Security

Keep your sensitive files secure with multiple layers of protection.

Team Folders

Use Team folders to share individual files/folders with the group members.

Folder Permissions

State different permissions for folders at different levels of the directory structure.

Global File Locking

Keep your files & folders 100% secure with the global file locking system.

Highlights: India's First Data Storage Platform with Self-Hosted Data Center.


What Are Your Needs? Data Privacy? Disaster Preventions? We Have Got it All Covered.

Keeping important files protected is necessary, that's why we focus on two-factor authentication.

Installation of Agents

End-point agents monitor, detect, and resolve threats and vulnerabilities.

Permission Controls

Centrally managed permissions for complete control and visibility.

Guaranteed Data Privacy

NFC Vault replaces cloud file sharing with external file servers.

Compliance is Maintained

Maintain compliance by managing users centrally, accessing controls and keeping a track of data.

We at NFC Vault Keep Data Security as Our #1 Priority


It is a Powerful Tool Created to Share Documents with your Team.

The team folder is shared by the admin, either as view-only or editor.

Hub of Content

Team folders are shared with groups members and act hub of content for a team

Automatic Sync Available

Automatically sync information in the team folders to all members of the group

Restoring a Folder

The sharing permissions of the files are also restored along with it

Create a Confidential Folder

To keep details of a folder private, the access to it can be restricted from other people

Team Collaboration is Now Made Easier with NFC Vault


State Different Permissions for Folders at Different Levels of the Directory Structure.

The permissions are centrally managed to provide admin complete control and a clear picture.

Define User Rights

Define user rights for internal Active Directory users to external clients and partners

Notifications on the Action Taken by User

Whenever a file is either opened, download etc. by the user, a notification pops up

Validity of the File

You can decide till when you want your files to remain valid on the user’s end

High-Level Security

Permissions helps to avoid misuse of the files and have more safety on the company’s end

Assign Folder Permissions to Each Folder at Individual Level for Better Management


It is an Essential Feature to Keep your Files & Folders 100% Secure and Ensure Team Collaboration.

Global file locking required cloud drive, as it is built on top of it.

Automatic Locks

The files are locked automatically when edited and unlocked when the editing is finished

Lock Management

Locks are managed smartly across online and offline cases with fail-safe algorithms

Configure Concurrent Access

State default locking behaviors beforehand. The locking can be exclusive to prevent concurrent access or shared to allow access after notification of locked status

Promotes Teamwork

Lock files-in-use or checking out files for offline access helps for smooth team collaboration

Global File Locking Restricts Unauthorized Access of Files Whenever Required

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Our Innovative Solutions

NFC Vault gives allows you to safely access & collaborate with anyone, anywhere and from any device

Self-Hosted Data Centre

A private cloud on-premises or in a data center to fully control your hosting data and maintain security.

Centralized Mobility

Secure file server collaboration to maintain data privacy by keeping files on-premises.

Share and Collaborate

Manage your tasks, track updates and seamlessly work together on files with your team members.