Best Varonis DatAnywhere Alternative

Works on replacing the Varonis DatAnywhere solution with a complete Cloud Windows Server. With features included in NFC Vault, such as complete access to the global file locking, remote access, and secure file sharing, it is possible to make complete policy & complete reports, it works as the best alternative.


How Enterprise File Sync Share is an Asset?

While talking about Varonis DatAnywhere, we can understand its nature and entity that it is one of the well-known Enterprise File Sync and Share among other competitors. The multiple file sharing features and sync features are included in this. But there has been the End of Life of Varonis DatAnywhere and since then, there has not been any kind of development and nothing is left behind.

And, NFC Vault continues to develop the features of global file locking, secure file sharing, and others that help in improving the better and more effective enhancement for better innovation.


Perfect Alternative to Varonis DatAnywhere

NFC Vault focuses more on providing private self-hosted on-premise file sync and share solutions. This mentioned solution is probably developed on top of the Microsoft Web platform that includes Windows Server, ASP.NET, and IIS (Internet Information Services).

After all, the main advantage of working with Microsoft technology is that it works seamlessly with Active Directory, NTFS Permissions, and Windows File Server shares. In fact, there are a lot more solutions that are compatible with Windows servers but were built on other technology that includes Apache and non-Microsoft technology and they have less compatibility.

Some Modern Highlights of NFC Vault Over DatAnywhere


NTFS Permissions

NTFS permissions integration will be done properly so the same security rules will perform better on both mobile access and secure file sharing.

On-Demand Sync

If you talk about the client side, then you can only continue with syncing the files that you use or files for which you have permission to use.

Cloud Drive

While working on the drive letter, the user must have complete access to the files and folders with complete permissions and file locking.

More Permissions

For users who are working externally and do not have any Active Directory, the permissions will be assigned to others who are actively working at the different levels of hierarchy.

Selective Sync

For storing the local cache information on your hard drive capacity the local drive, the selective sync feature will be used.

Hosting Flexibility

Using our solution, you can easily self-host on-premise or on a private cloud with a better setup for businesses and this will make the ease for users for better migration.


Why Replace Varonis DatAnywhere With NFC Vault?

Having a better DatAnywhere alternative will work on improving the performance and enhancement. Choosing our solution will lead to multiple advantages:

Windows OS Support

Having complete permission for NTFS integration and Active Directory integration, all this is done with .NET components. It's an effective way that can instantly implement better access control with better compatibility and enhancement.

Centralized Management

Outside of the Active Directory and the Windows OS management, all the management in this will be done in a single browser platform, which indicates that it can manage users, storage, files, or folders.

Best User Experience

Experts work on proper managing of Cloud Drive Mapping for better system drivers with better performance and enhancement. For other side users, there will be completely familiar drive support with secure file locking.

Complete Support

Our Experts works on understanding the needs and requirements of the customers. And, works on updating the products or utilities on a daily basis. In fact, you will get up-to-date software with proper support.