Dropbox White-Label Sharing

Develop a branded, and multi-tenant online file-sharing solution to help your clients in building a better and cost-effective solution with complete data privacy, security, and permission control.


Challenge of Cloud Migration

You need to understand that your users can view the Cloud-Based Services as they are facing wide problems in acquiring conventional systems from Android services. By staying away from the backup of the server and expenditure on management, users will be able to focus more on Cloud Migration Strategy.

Also, it will take a lot of time and effort for the users to move their data from one unified Platform to Another. However, it is difficult for consumers to store their data in third-party applications as sometimes it will result in a crucial threat.


Perfect Alternative to White Label Sharing

NFCVault works at our best to provide you with a better solution to maintain proper control after becoming a Cloud Service provider. With less effective cost, more data assurance, ultimate security for the users, and more synchronization in file sharing, and permissions on the Cloud-Based security, you can connect with our data-storage platform.

It will take less time and effort along with the simple and most-effective process. Users generally require no maintenance and very little, if any, instruction since the operation is so flawless.

Common Features of White Label File Sharing



For the web-based co-authoring and co-editing files for the information stored in the shared folder, we combine with Cloud service Office 365.

Large Folder

To send large folders or files as web links via email, use Outlook compatibility.

Link Sharing

We transform files and data and file sharing into web pages for easy Internet Explorer usage.

Mobile Application

Access file sharing from different mobile platforms such as Android, iPhone, or IPad.


Folder Permissions

Defining several authorizations for files or folders at different directory level structures or inheriting permission directly from NTFS.

Secure Data Room

View-only access to shared folders is accessible through a web-based secure data room, with downloaded disabled.

User Rights

You may specify access privileges for folder distribution with everyone from internal Directory accounts to external customers and partners.

Version Control

Users may establish access permissions for folder collaboration with everyone from corporate Directory clients to external partners and clients.


Extra-Ordinary Features of White Label File Sharing

Increase information control and security by reducing server management and backup cost!

Data Proprietorship

Maintain file server personal data while assisting clients with a managed file synchronization and exchange solution.

Increase Income

Boosted MSP income by including NFC Vault in the leading cloud offering and maintained service agreement.

Fewer Expenses

And save money on support requests, use the approach to substitute premium VPN alternatives for file sharing and exchange.


Productivity Benefits

Developed efficiency for distant employees and android acquiring data with proper protection.

Simple-User Experience

NFC Vault allows users to locate and access the files and folders by utilizing the actual format folders with complete password protection. Furthermore, Consumers do not need extra additional instructions.


The solution enables the Manager to assist the Data from a single dashboard with multiple tenants on a particular Browser for managing the data of different clients as well as consuming the information present in folders. Tracking Audit and File modification history are added points in compliances.

Flexible GUI

To be cautious for the related set of information, NFC Vault comes with a friendly interface as well as many features like data migration to cloud server, essential integration, full edge authorized access using minimum capacity remote device.

Benefits of White Label File Sharing

NFC Vault works on providing the complete security and safety of the data. It has complete control of on-premise file servers like Dropbox-like mobile access and sharing features to create one seamless creation.

Complete Data Protection

NFC Vault includes military-grade end-point protection to protect all the data present on the Server or Cloud for remote areas for proper encryption of file transfer and data at rest for better storage.

Permissions Management

Honestly, building up businesses will take years. And, to develop the current permissions structure, it will automatically save all the files and folders with the complete permissions.

Data Proprietorship

Organizations works on offering a better sharing of file and providing concurrent access to their employees while they own them or are controlling all the things from the back-end stage to the front-end mobile applications.

Maintain Compliance

Users will manage the data centrally and have complete access, storage, and controls. The complete track of the data will be maintained properly to know where the data is, how can we access it, and how it’s being shared. Admins can instantly perform GDPR that can easily keep the track of all the changes.

Central Repository & Control

Experts create a better-centralized platform that they have to create in such a manner for better accessing of files or folders. It will maintain the data and will not leave them behind for the 3rd party scatter. They will be integrated natively so user entities and data will be managed.

Flexibility for White Label File Sharing

NFC Vault provides the complete flexibility to be deployed on-premises, in Amazon data centers, Azure data centers, or in any other data center in the world that is closest to your business. This will make things easy for MSP to make the solution easy.