FTP Replacement

File Transfer Protocol has been used most widely used. But organizations are finding a replacement solution for the same to have better file transfer needs.


Why Replace FTP?

While talking about Cloud, NFC Vault actually means that service within a web browser can do file uploading and download of the data. So, while we mention Cloud, it is basically interchangeable with other websites that are using HTTPS for their services.

Significance of HTTPS in NFC Vault Solution:

More Secure:

HTTPS protocol is used to protect websites more properly and while we are using HTTPS for protocol transferring files, then it becomes up-to-date.

More Compatible

Using HTTPS of our solution will lead to better sharing of webpages and eCommerce information. Moreover, it is flexible to use while transferring files and provides both upload and download solutions.


Working on HTTPS, it is possible to integrate the device with a single sign-on. It also provides connectivity from agents from iOS and Android instead of a web browser.


Replacing FTP over NFC Vault Solution

Continuing with NFC Vault, it will instantly migrate files and folders remotely from the mapped drive on Windows as well as Mac OS system, mobile applications, android applications,s or on other web browsers. Works on creating a shareable link for large files or folders and then forwarding that link to other recipients for large folder transfer.

Moreover, our solution provides better mobile access, file sharing, disaster, and recovery for the files. It is one of the best secure file transfer and file sharing solutions.

Some Modern Highlights of NFC Vault



Organizations need to host solutions privately. It works on privacy by design without shared hosting with other companies.


Multiple parameters for better permissions, groups, and access policies to trace and file downloading.


Works on GDPR and HIPPA Checklist for better compliance.


Data At Rest, data in transit, authenticate integration with Active Directory and NTFS permissions.