Multi–Site File Synchronization

Synchronization of shared files can be done from multiple branch offices in the intermediate server file storage for easy access and safe distribution.

Why Us?

We enable simple access for multi-site file synchronization with proper control, privacy, and compliance. Easy for Cloud-based users to access data simply into a central repository server system.


Need to Synchronize Files

Company Merger and File Synchronization

Suppose an organization X is using DFS and VPN for accessing the file servers remotely.

And, they just gathered with a company utilizing Y as a Cloud-Based Service and file sharing solution.

Therefore, establishing a Cloud Sharing interpretation across both companies will take more time and a high level of complication.

It is easier to support by putting something in front of the existing file infrastructure.


Data Collaboration Platforms – Windows File Servers

Merging two different organizations together in an IT infrastructure is a difficult task.

NFC Vault Solution server provides the finest platform for proper compatibility between two different companies.

If a simple file server structure instantly evolved into a Cloud-Based File Server Infrastructure, gives the company ability to rapidly grow the united Infrastructure.

Furthermore, enabling the synchronization of files in between these sites helps in enhancing performance and productivity.


Simplify Collaboration Between Branch Offices

Challenge While Combining Multiple Branch Offices

Standard Tools such as VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) and Microsoft’s DFS have been used to sync the data between distant cooperation.

But the main problem that arises while using them is that they do not work well across wide area networks(WANs) and also it is difficult to permit the data and make it appropriately synchronized.

For instance, (DFS - R) DFS with Replication pledges to sync files in between two different locations and enable a mirror for backup along with making a balance across multiple servers to increase productivity.


Reliable Solution

It provides a convincing variant to VPNs and DFS by synchronizing the data to a global namespace while giving desktop factors and mobile applications for an entire solution that clarifies the user’s experience.

The stage then continues and maintains the integrity of data with version control and at multiple hierarchies of distributed file locking and enhancement in syncing while combining with Active directory available for user and management in permissions.

We can say that it distributes over the pledge of multiple site collection with reliability to a global namespace with an error-free collaboration.


File Server Sync Solution

This Syncing Solution enables more safe and secure remote access and sharing of files and prevention in disaster and data recovery to data servers with the easiest migration of cloud to a personal storage cloud space.

The Solution is based on a shared feature with private synchronization and collective resolution that you guys are looking for!


Multi-site File synchronization can be done privately itself without the needs of any other kind of organization. And, has been designed privately without any kind of shared-hosting with other companies.


Multiple control specifications from groups, access policies, and authorizations have been provided for file download attaining and audit tracking.


GDPR and HIPAA checklists are some of the unique features provided by the Compliance center in Multiple Branch Offices.


Security actions layer the data at rest state or at the transition state and configuration authentication with NTFS permissions and Directory in Active state.

Common Features – Multi–Site File Synchronization

Terminates Remote File Access and Shared files over the Internet as the ordinary limitations and is responsible for both the worlds including the safety and the management in local file servers’ data with the cumulative for the effectiveness and capacity of file sharing online and over the Internet.



The Solution combines with an efficient Cloud-Based platform (such as Office 365) for editing and authorizing the files in the collaborative folders.

Large Folder

To share large files or folders as connection URLs or via emails, we use the configuration in Outlook.

Connection Sharing

Transfer files or folders into web URLs for direct access in the Internet browsers.

Mobile Application

Ability to access file servers from different mobile platforms such as Android or iPhone.


Directory Permissions

Having the different permissions at the different hierarchies of directory or inherited from different authorizations instantly.

Safe Storage Place

Web-based Safe storage place enables read-only feature with disabling downloads.

Client Rights

Having the rights for sharing the folders from internal directories to outside users and partners.

Version Authority

Shared Folders are placed under performance control and communications are available for users who subscribed to the folders.

Synchronizing Files from Multiple Branch Offices

Benefits Of Multi–Site File Synchronization

This centralises all data into an unified facility includes that contains data from all sites and is easily accessible from any remote or mobile device. Professionals can also start sharing files with colleagues while administrators maintain privacy, security, and control.

How does it keep you protected?

Easy to Access

Ability to access the files or folders from different locations anywhere and anytime using mobile applications and browsers.

Privacy and Security

Data will remain stored in existing file servers or migrated to a personal cloud. Ensure protection by utilizing permissions of NTFS and AD users.

Control and Compliance

Supports separated control on versions, file locking, recording, managed to share and GDPR compliance, and others.

How it Helps You?

Productivity Benefits

Increase Efficiency for Work from Home workers and mobile platforms accessing different hosted file servers.

Quick Process

Drive mapping breaks the record until files are viewed and cached under the database for faster access. It will reduce the frequency and storage expenditure enabling nearby production while working distantly.

Makes the Work Effortless

Diminish the training with drive mapping that deeds with the same on-premise or distantly. Provides flawless experience to users when they are not at work.

Perfect Process

Business work and legal authorizations are not affected, all because working is already in progress internally without any modification using mapped drives.