Better Polished, More Flexible, And 100% Security.


How NFC Vault is Better Than MyWorkDrive?

Polished, Flexible, and Robust

  • A seamless File system with better-advanced technology for drive mapping.
  • It supports Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, and many other file types.
  • Seamless Drive Integration in Windows Explorer.
  • End-to-End Encryption with local cache and complete WAN optimization.
  • Modern and Flexible GUI.
  • Complete access to web folders remotely.
  • Central management system
  • Synchronization on both selective and on-demand platforms.

Auditing, Reporting, and Security

  • Multiple issues while login failures and success with IT address.
  • Changed in file location - File at what time on which device.
  • Access to shared folders remotely while controlling group policies.
  • Have Read-Only, View-only access to the shared folder in a better secure data room.
  • An IP-White-List to control IP addresses remotely.
  • Two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator, Microsoft, and Duo.

Version Control and File Locking For Better Collaboration

  • Better version control at the top of the existing file share server
  • Automated File Locking for online access
  • Complete Version control, problem detection, and file locking for better access
  • Integration in O365 for concurrent web and mobile access
  • Collaboration with organization and other partners.

Better Business Management

  • File Server Shares
  • Endpoint devices
  • Migrate file server and retire file server

Benefits You Get After Replacing MyWorkDrive

Complete Security and Stability

NFC Vault offers better access to the company file server without using any VPN. It includes end-point encryption, better version control, and optimization to transfer files all over the Internet.

Cloud Storage Backup

It works on the better continuation of businesses. In fact, Cloud will offer better things with complete cloud storage. It works on version control, audit trace, data protection, and backup to secure a file-sharing platform.

Better User Experience

Mapped Drives are always based on the file system drivers that help in improving better scalability. The users on the other side will get complete file locking support.

Continuous Support

Experts listens to its consumers and clients and makes the development process better by updating the product regularly.


Features of NFC Vault Over MyWorkDrive

End-Point Protection

Our solution drive agent software works on proper synchronization of the files while working in a remote area.

On-Demand Sync

Here, there is the feature to synchronize the files that you are using and no other files are allowed to use controlled by NTFS permissions.

Business Continuity

While having the access mode directly, NFC Vault allows file server share to work remotely for maintaining business continuity.

Data Protection

Proper Version control, file tracing, auditing history, and cloud backup history will be done for better data protection.

Offline Files

It syncs the data selectively to fetch the data for offline access.

Secure File Sharing

Weblink and Outlook integration of files will be done in addition to direct file server access.