Replace eFolder Anchor

Ready to replace the eFolder Anchor for better security, permissions, drive mapping, and up-to-date sync and share of the folder set.


Does Anchor Support Active Directory & NTFS Permissions?

eFolder Anchor, while seeing at first, is very much similar to the NFC Vault. But while we are doing the comparison, at that time, there will not be direct access to the file server on-premises. After all, migration will be so much costly for the clients as there will not be any kind of support for NTFS permissions, granular permissions, or others.

NTFS Permissions

Enabling Anchor file servers does not support NTFS permission integration. When you put the file into the anchor, the permissions associated with the file are lost. In this solution, NTFS permissions are included natively.

On-Demand Sync

In Anchor, files under sync are 100% synchronized across all devices. In our solution, you can only sync files that you are currently using and only files that you are authorized to use.

Cloud Drive Mapping

We have drive letters that allow you to access files and folders through permission checks and file locks. Anchor has a folder where all your files are synced.


Additional Functionalities of NFC Vault Solution

Granular Folder Permissions

In shared folders, Anchor only supports assigning users at the top of the folder. Detailed privileges in our solution can be assigned to different users at different levels of the folder hierarchy.

Selective Sync

NFC Vault solution is capable of selectively syncing up the files to build a local cache based on the hard drive capacity of the remote devices.

Modern User Interface

Experts updates all the products on a weekly basis with a better modern user interface. After all, if we talk about Anchor, then its product cycle is quick and longer but the user interface does not update properly.