Access File Servers From Mobile

Imagine how beneficial it would be to access our urgent files from a device that is handy to us. We provide you that! By being able to Access File Servers from Mobile and make changes from there only can increase our productivity by an extensive amount.

Why Us?

We allow users to access their hosted file servers from mobile platforms that are Android and iOS. Thus, it will be easier for our Client to access the data safely.


Access File Servers From Mobile

It was anticipated that there will be around 5.7 billion mobile users worldwide by 2020. Well, that’s proved!

Apart from texting, calling, surfing the web, or making payments. Mobile phones may be put to use for a variety of different purposes.

It is not expected to have your system or laptop within reach all the time. However, your mobile phones always are!

Mobile phones help increase the productivity of workers by a tremendous amount. It provides flexibility and lets them decide where to work to deliver the most fruitful results.


What Roadblocks do Users Face While Accessing Files from Mobile?

A remote desktop connection, a virtual private network (VPN), or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is often used to access hosted file servers.

These access options are adequate for desktop users, but the interactive aspect makes it difficult for desktop users to work with them.

This disrupts their normal workflow and users search for ways through which they can get all their files and folders handy.

However, some reasons prove why they are not the best option:

  • Data sprawl because of files being scattered in different locations.
  • Most of the time the clients are left unattended.
  • Various compliance issues are registered.

Access Files – An Answer To All Your Questions

NFC Vault provides Android file access to hosted file shares. This is achieved by supplying an access layer that publishes the file shares via HTTPS for easy access. This is done using an explorer-like interface that can be used from web browsers, mobile devices, or mapped drives on desktops.

The Solution does not give users any reason to turn to third-party cloud storage services who are looking for easy mobile access and secure file-sharing any reason. This is because corporate file servers are becoming private file-sharing servers for mobile platforms such as Android, IPhone, IPad and others access over HTTPS.

Common Features – Access File Servers From Mobile

Allows secure remote access, mobile file sharing. The file is stored on-premises and can also be migrated to the cloud easily.



Combines with Microsoft 365 that can provide internet co-authoring and updating of files in the shared folder.

Large Folder

To send huge folders or files as web links via email, use Outlook integration.

Link Sharing

Transform shareable files and folders to web links for quick access from any internet browser.

Mobile Application

Mobile phones, such as an iPhone or an Android phone, may access shared files and folders.


Permissions for Folders

Define different permissions for folders at various levels of the directory hierarchy, or directly inherit from NTFS permissions.

Safe Data Room

“View-only” access to shared folders is permitted in a web-based secure data room, with the download option disabled.

User Rights

Admin has the power to establish user rights for folder sharing for everyone- from internal Active Directory users to external customers and partners.

Version Control

Version control is applied to shared folders, and notifications are given to users who have subscribed to the folders.

Access File Servers from Mobile to Increase Productivity.

Benefits Of Mobile File Access

Productivity of the employees is boosted by storing files on the hosted file server and maintaining Active Directory and NTFS permissions. This is because it provides security and control in the hands of the people.

How does it keep you protected?

Data Privacy

The data is kept on hosted file servers, keeping them secure from outside threats. Remote access is governed by existing permissions. Data privacy is further protected by separating the administration of users and access privileges in each tenant.

Access Controls

Identify remotely accessible file shares that immediately appear on the user's mapped drives using current AD users and NTFS folder permissions using a simple UI.


Administrators may use this solution to execute HIPAA or GDPR compliance checks and generate reports confirming file access and collaboration.

How it Helps You?

How does it boost your productivity?

Faster Process

Files are cached locally, allowing for immediate access without the time-consuming setup of remote desktops or VPN file sharing. While working remotely, users can benefit from local performance.

Makes the Work Effortless

Legacy programs can continue to use the hosted file shares, which remain intact since it allows remote access to the same file shares from any device with proper control & compliance.

Simple Process

Reduce user training by using a mapped drive that functions the same on-premises as it does remotely. Provide users with a consistent local experience even when they are not connected to the internet.