ShareFile Alternative

Understand what is necessary for you to know and what things you need to ask while you compare the NFC Vault solution with ShareFile.


Why Replace ShareFile With NFC Vault?

While Using the ShareFile file sharing solution globally, will take more cost. But if we compare it with NFC Vault solution, there will be better features, less cost, more privacy, security, and control.

Compared with our solution will provide a lot more benefits for the better replacement of ShareFile. Using ShareFile, allows users to get a better experience and interface platform while they are working either on on-premises, Cloud Servers, Mobile, or Desktop based Server.

Using ShareFile will cost you a lot more but have multiple features inherited from it. On the other hand, our solution provides a better and server-friendly collaboration platform with a better user experience.


Features of Using NFC Vault Over ShareFile

Having Good Visibility will lead to better Business productivity.

A particular solution will combine more solutions merged on a single platform. Now, employees just need to go more on better secure remote access and mobile file sharing. Some special features are mentioned below:

Flexible Interface

Simplified access to the file servers with client agent software from mapped drives on different Operating systems such as Mac and Windows, and other mobile applications.

Drive Mapping

Users working remotely get a Cloud mapped drive with better permissions, file locking, sharing, offline control, version control, and other security features.

On-Demand Synchronization

Better and selective synchronization with local cache gives better endpoint security and encryption.

Benefits After Replacing ShareFile

NFC vault is there to protect the data of different organizations and service providers to work privately or deployed on the on-premises or private cloud storage services. Also, there will be complete control of the data and better business infrastructure.


Complete Privacy Control

More privacy concerns on the data while using the NFC Vault solution. Moreover, other MSPs are thinking to place the solution on other multiple Cloud service providers such as Azure or AWS.

Better User Experience

While using ShareFile, there will be different experience changes that occur in data location, user location, or device. Using the ShareFile on mobile will present different user changes, and while on file servers, there will be different changes.

Centralized Data Management

Administrators using ShareFile will be overwhelmed while managing different data across file servers, file share accounts, emails, and others. But in our solution, there will be a single platform for managing the data across different locations.


Manage Granular Folder Permissions

For better control, security & visibility, administrators can easily manage permissions from the file server that was present on their file server seamlessly while working on the NFC Vault solution.

Flexible and Rapid Migration

With a single click, users can easily share the content with a single email address. There will be multiple cloud backup features to file servers and administrators will instantly migrate the data to the cloud.

File Locking

There will be multiple-level access to file locking and version control while users are having decentralized access. While working online, files will be locked automatically, and users can easily do direct checkout when planning offline.