File Share Migration

Are you finding a way to do file share migration? Are you thinking of migrating your local file server to a Cloud-Based Server but facing many limitations? What are the other possibilities available?

Why Us?

NFC Vault provides its users a server-friendly collaboration platform for File Share Migration that makes your data safe and secure and under proper control. Also, provides its user simple access with good usability that stops the solid convincing.


Are you Facing Issues while Operating SharePoint?

SharePoint Online is an integral part of Microsoft Office 365. The advantages of running businesses to move their file server to SharePoint online thus managing the cost of the local server.

There are not only single but multiple drawbacks that you need to know before you continue with the SharePoint online migration journey. Because it will not be the perfect solution for you if you face these issues.

  • Limit of only 5000 items store in the document library.
  • NTFS rights alteration needs.
  • Limit of 10,000 items uploaded in the OneDrive client.
  • Limitation of maximum length name.
  • Proper cost of data reorganization.
  • Recycle bin of 93-day threshold.
  • No proper support for the application information.

Are you Able to Solve These Drawbacks?

  • 5,000 item: While having a large amount of data in a document library, the productivity to the point when there is no need for this.
  • 300,000 item: This is the minimization of the number of documents users can upload to the OneDrive sync client.
  • Limit of 400 characters in URL: The URL destination of all the files and folders must be 400 characters or more.

Other Cloud-Based Services without SharePoint Drawbacks

If you are executing file share migration issues with SharePoint Online and OneDrive then other Cloud Based services are the perfect fit for file server migration.

The most distinguished are Amazon S3(Simple Storage Service) and Windows blub Azure Storage. If you have an abundant folder structure and you're using Photoshop, InDesign, and Auto CAD applications, using Amazon S3 or Windows Azure blob, then they are the perfect options.

Do You Think You Can Choose the End Destination of the Cloud for your District File Share Migration?


What about Azure files and Amazon FSx?

For continuing with File Share Migration, there are 2 different options available for users that are Azure Files and Amazon FSx.

These two alternatives can easily come up with the context of “Windows workload” which basically means a “workload” data used by Windows File Server for Windows Application.

These two options are compatible with Windows systems that require NTFS systems with the SMB protocol attached to them. But these are not friendly from the user's side.

For instance, it is really not easy to support user credentials and login into different varieties of services, and utilize them as the internal file share.


Cloud File Share Migration Solution

An all-in-one solution that adds iPhone applications, Internet browser Interface, and Mac Finder volume to Amazon S3 buckets and recreates it into a corporate cloud file server.

Popular destinations include Windows Azure blob storage and other Amazon S3 supportive solutions. You can select a destination in the Cloud from these types of services.

Distant Access

Collaborates local file servers and Amazon S3 for safe and secure Remote Access without the help of any kind of VPN.

Mobile Collaborating

It uses Amazon S3’s proper storage service for safe and secures mobile file sharing from an Internet browser and web applications.

Disaster Recovery

Diminished Amazon S3 as the intermediate cloud file repository for the version control, change in file history, and audit tracing to enable organization continuous work for local file servers.

Cloud Migration

Configure a hybrid deployment in between the Amazon S3 and on-premise file servers that can be seamlessly converted into AWS in the future.

Keep File Shares on Local Server


Want to save the file shares locally? Wanted to continue with Remote Access without migrating your data to the Cloud. This solution will help you to do that. This feature is appropriate for many organizations with proper bandwidth and faster access, mobile file sharing, and Internet-based collaboration services.

Immediate Access

Safe and Secure Access to local file shares. No Cloning of information to Cloud Services!

User Friendly

Easy-to-Use GUI such as drive mapping and file locking to diminish slope time.


Team recommendations include endpoint encryption, ransomware protection, AV Integration, and others.

Permission Controls

Manage current Windows security control and agreement with proper help and support for NTFS rights and Active Directory.

Auditing History

Add safety and other approval features like auditing and reporting with file changelogs. This integration feature will add more security and compliance with it.

End-to-End Backup

Endpoint appliances connected to the Solution Server will have end-to-end backup features to protect the files and folder further.


File Share Migration to Cloud Storage Services

Current file shares and rights can be transferred to cloud services. Keep the storage server running as a local doorway with cached for offline access or terminate it.

Intermediate File Storage

Store the data at a particular place where the data of both the file server shares and cloud file sharing alternatively enabling information to throw away.

NTFS Rights

NTFS policies and AD users can be centrally managed, with auditing and monitoring for all actions.


Facilitate storage server accessibility from Windows and macOS mapping drives, iOS and Android mobile apps, and internet browsers.

Shared Groups

The system integrates numerous branch office file server networking shares into a single unified domain.

Company Sequence

With mixed implementations, data saved to file shares copies to the cloud and vice versa for business operations.

File Locking

Automatic data locked, paired with version management, safeguards distributed access and file cooperation in addition to manual record locking.

Ready To Do File Share Migration?

How it Helps You?

Productivity Benefits

Cloud Drive Mapping

One of the efficient alternatives for file share migration online is Drive Mapping. It is efficient for end-users to access the data of files and folders across the Internet using drag and drop ability in a mapped drive.

Global File Locking

One of the major alternatives for online file access-group coordination is File Locking to remove problems.

Secure Mobile Access

Do you waste multiple hours while troubleshooting multiple links on VPN? Do both the employees and IT technical teams lose performance because of fewer VPN links? Since these are difficult and there is another better way!