Soonr File Protection

Perfect Solution for a better secure file sharing solution for MSPs


Why Replace Soonr with NFC Vault?

While you are finding, you will find the complete Datto File protection platform there. It was the first Autotask Soonr Workplace and Datto has worked on competing products such as Drive and Backup. Other than that, Autotask pricing has changed over a couple of years.

It is happening all Because:

NFC Vault offers better flexibility by providing both the hosted and self-hosted solutions while comparing to Soonr. Clients who are working on Soonr and Autotask can get the perfect and effective solution by opting out our solution which works on better security, safety, and compliance of the data. Additionally, here you can get more inherited features that include secure file sharing, global file locking, NTFS permissions, drive mapping, and multiple other file share and sync solutions.

But secondly, if we talk about the Autotask workplace, then it is true that there were pricing changes and no constant relationship, even the development issues were also changing rapidly. This usually makes the Datto and Autotask merger quite complicated. Hence, for better stability of both the product and the partnership, this solution will be the better option.


Some Features of NFC Vault Solution

NTFS Permissions

It provides permissions to use the existing data but Soonr loses its permissions just after migration.

On-Demand Sync

Soonr takes more storage of files or folders. While our solution will sync the data just after the first access.

Cloud Drive Mapping

Here, clients will get complete native drives, permissions, and file locking. But there is nothing like this in Soonr.

Granular Permissions

We have permissions for all the levels while Soonr has only permissions for top levels.

Selective Sync

Easily build a local cache on the hard drive for better accessibility.

Modern User Interface

Weekly updates according to user preferences while the Soonr development cycle will take a long time.

Benefits of Replacing Soonr


Permission Control

There will be complete NTFS permissions for integration and a granular permissions folder for control. In fact, it is much easier to access the complete permission control.

Mobile Access to File Servers

Since Soonr works on copying the data to its own data centers for better access. Other than that, our solution provides the option to access the data remotely present on existing file servers. This is the main disadvantage of Soonr which does not provide native access.

User Experience

The user will get the complete mapped drive support based on file system drivers for better scalability and enhancement of the business. Users on the end will get the drive with complete support.

Customer Support

Experts completely understands its customers or partner and maintain a better development process that provides weekly updates.


Facts on NFC Vault Replacing Soonr

How does it synchronize the entire files or folders?

Active Directory integration, NTFS permissions, granular permission, and others are various features of a modern file-sharing solution and work at best while comparison to Soonr.

Will the solution works on synchronizing the 100% data present in files or folders?

Since Soonr depends on the end-user point experience to function better. But there is nothing like that present in the solution and it will thoroughly work and synchronize the data with having extra functionalities and other kinds of dependencies.