Terms of Services

NFC Vault delivers web hosting and Data Center Services to Clients Worldwide, having a responsibility to provide better services to each user and to save each Client. All the users linked to NFC Vault should coordinate the following terms of services.

Assurance Policy

You need to understand that continuing with NFC Vault Services and plans will be at your own risk. We especially deny all the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a specific objective. NFC Vault should be responsible for any kind of data loss or any type of commercial damage but will not include any special, incidental, or consequential damages. Customer agrees that it will defend, indemnify, save and hold NFC Vault Hosting Solutions harmless from any and all demands, liabilities, losses, costs, and claims, including with a representative’s costs alleged opposing NFC Vault solutions, its agents, customers, and its employees that may result from any service provided or performed or agreed to sell any product to its customers, agents or employees.

NFC Vault has the right to interrupt any of the files present on the Internet according to the interests of the users or clients. Any source that has been sent to the customer against any illegal work on the rights of the third party will be judged to break any policy.


We have different plans depending on the user’s choice such as monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. We also provide users a refund option only if they are not satisfied in the first 30 days of our service. There are some different kinds of plans in which we provide free domain registration and a money-back guarantee.

Clients can continue to pay online payment using Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover Card. Without paying the cost, users can continue with web-hosting plans and we can easily set up their accounts. In most cases, we suggest our clients use Credit cards which is the better and easiest way. There is no type of contract era, but for the upcoming plan, your contract is being renewed automatically unless we are notified beforehand.

Late Payments

All the billings will be done on the dates they were first activated on. There is a chance that your account will be suspended if you will not pay for service to renew in just 5 days after the deactivation. And if you will not for the service in 30 days once after the account is suspended, then your account will be automatically discontinued. Within 5 days of deactivation, you will receive an email notification.

Acceptable Use Policy

Service provided by NFC Vault Software will only be applicable for special purposes. Use of any information whether for transmission, storage or presentations is a crime any United States federal, city law is banned. It is not only limited to any of the copyrighted material but also takes action on the information that is illegal and already and has been protected by the Government. The client agrees to compensate and holds innocent from the use of any services that have been damaged by any of our subscribers or any third party.

Our acceptable policies will be actively used and strictly enforced. Use of any illegal content will be restricted from the server-side and if something new will discovered, we will inform about that practice also. For instance, Content of Pornography is violated from NFC Vault Software solutions as it includes sexually explicit images or videos.

Sometimes, some of the services of different nature have been interrupted by the user because of many reasons such as damaging the interruption of the company and others also. That’s why the customer needs to agree that the company should not be responsible for some of the damages arising from different cases that are either from beyond or exclusive control of the company.

Subscriber also recognizes that the company's responsibility for its own fault is limited to an amount equal to the costs paid by the subscriber for services during the time in question. The firm will not be liable for any exceptional or consequential damages, loss, or harm in any way.

Illegality Harassment, fraud, and trafficking in obscene content are all examples of unlawful distribution or copying of copyrighted software or other data. Containment That Isn't Desirable On our network, certain sorts of material are not permitted. We do not host any kind of pornographic content. Hacking, cracking, warez, and IRC-related content are not permitted. Only if you are the author and copyright owner of the resources, or if you have permission to distribute the contents, may you host software, audio, or video downloads. Under no circumstances are accounts suspended due to content or AUP violations reimbursed.

Limitation of Liability

NFC Vault will not be responsible for any kind of claimed damages such as incidental or consequential damages that may arise either from going our servers off-line and being unavailable for any kind of other reason or from resulting in any type of corruption or deletion of any kind of website from NFC Vault servers. All the compensations will be restricted to instant termination of any kind of service.


NFC Vault will not be responsible for any kind of data loss, crash, or downtime. We will not be answerable for any of the profits gained by a particular client if their site is functioning. Some of the services provided by NFC Vault Software will be sold again. Also, some of the solutions such as equipment, routing, software, and programming will not be directly owned or drafted by any of the NFC Vault Software solutions. There will be no responsibility by our side for the use of any client accounts. If rules and regulations will not be followed by our clients, then their accounts may be disabled. We have the right to disallow any account without providing any special notice. In Addition, we can easily modify any of the policies, agreements, disclaimers without giving any notice.