Hybrid Cloud Storage Solution

Would a work-from-home employee's connection to corporate file servers be made efficient? Do you wish to combine the speed of the local network with the mobility from cloud storage? Upgrade your local file servers to become hybrid cloud servers and free themselves from your Subnetworks!

Why Us?

Allowing our Clients to Continue with Secure Remote Access, File Sharing, Disaster Prevention, and Data Recovery from the Local Storage Server to the Cloud Destination Path.


CASE STUDY: Hybrid Cloud Storage Solution

On an on-premises file server, you have files, especially graphics documents like Adobe Photoshop files. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you'd like to offer staff working from home as well as other remote locations remote access to these files.

The organization allowed a VPN connection, which is typically established over the Internet, but the Internet varies markedly from a company or home network in terms of system characteristics.

Local systems usually offer high download bandwidth, low and stable latency, minimum packet loss, and almost no data corruption. Internet connections, but on the other hand, provide considerably less bandwidth and have a relatively high development of high latency, without data corruption becoming a common phenomenon.

Employees utilizing VPN connections to access files began complaining about slow directory browsing (because of significant latency). It took a very long time to copy a file from the remote location, and it took even slower to open files on home or remote computers.

You investigated entirely cloud-based methods to solve this issue, but you decided against it because of the large amount of data on the file server and the long migration time to the cloud. This business was also worried regarding re-creating folder permissions after the migration since pure cloud solutions do not preserve folder permissions.


Hybrid Cloud Storage Solution to Rescue

You can't just switch to a pure cloud storage solution quite yet because you do not even know what application compatibility would change as well as how the user's daily workflow would shift if they do.

A hybrid cloud storage architecture, but on the other hand, can be used to complement your current Windows file database server. The remote worker can gain a speed and efficiency advantage by accessing files and folders via the cloud.


Desired Solution

Employees in the headquarters have access to something like a file server via a traditional Microsoft Network. Employees could use a Virtual private network to the file server from either remote offices or home offices.

For remote users, it is difficult and slow. At the same time, you're looking for a solution which has the least amount of influence on your existing file server infrastructure but is better than a VPN.

You want the office employees to be able to access the file server in same way they always have, with no pauses or behavior changes. You want the contents of the file server replicated to a cloud storage service, enabling the contents of the file server more accessible to remote users.

You also like the fact that now the contents of the file server and the cloud storage service are all in sync.

File Uploading and Collaborating Design for Windows File Shares


Upload File Server Network Shares to Cloud Storage

Proceeding with NFC Vault Server Solution, the Hybrid Cloud Storage Server Solution offers a two-way integration between native file server shares and Cloud Storage Services. Team Members can use different mobile platforms, distant appliances, and Internet Browsers to Access files and folders with their current functional listing details.

Once after configuring a two-way integration, file servers start behaving like a file-sharing device. One distinguishing feature is that one of the two sides of the data repository collaborates with your file server network shares and the other on a particular cloud storage service.


Hybrid Cloud Server Solution

Contributes Safe and Secure Distant Access, file sharing, disaster prevention, and recovery to the local file servers with simplified cloud moving to Personal Cloud Storage. Your existing file server Infrastructure as a personal and Hybrid Cloud Storage Solution.


Configure a two-side synchronization between your regional file server and Cloud-Based Service.

Distant Access

Offers drive mapping and file locking feature without using VPN.

Mobile Access

Provides Internet-Based File Access Methods. Moreover, offers Access File Servers from Mobile Devices.


Incorporates with Native IT Structure and merges with Cloud Storage Services.

Problems Solved by Hybrid Cloud Storage Solution

Hybrid File Storage Solution enables client to clarify distant access, online file sharing, and file server management.


Mobile Access

Easy to Access File Servers from Mobile, Desktops, Mac, and other Internet Browsers.

Moving Costs

Avoid the charges of Standard Files and Folders for cloning or optimization of NTFS rights.

Server Charge

Limit the cost of Server Re-optimization. Diminish the cost of managing file servers and other VPNs.

Data Collapsing

Ignore the Problem of collaborating data sets between Internal File Servers and Cloud Solutions.

Numerous Branches

Prevents the problems of managing cross-site cloning and simple cooperation with distant companies.

Security Dangers

Dismiss the dangers from de-centralized security and personal accounts.