Secure File Sharing Platform

Maintaining the safety of the data is the utmost priority of all organizations. However, data security becomes an issue because of its electronic movement.

What Gives Us an Edge Over Others?

One of Our Main Motives is to Help Our Users in Keeping Their Data Safe and Protected. This Solution Provides Users a Way to do Secure File Sharing with the Help of Advanced Parameters.


What Do We Mean by Secure Data Transfer?

There are many file sharing platforms out there which help users to upload their files to the Drive account and then share those files among team members working in the same organization.

However, it becomes difficult for them when the sender and the recipient are not from the same business unit or organization. This happens due to the security policies or parameters applied on the platform by their admins.

There are some ways that can help you to share your files with them but security can be compromised if your files consist of confidential information. Thus, to transfer or share your data securely, certain parameters should be followed.

Some of them are, knowing about the receiver, how long the file-sharing will last, and what rights you want to give the receiver who have access to the files/folders.


What are the Users Looking for?

Granular Permission Controls

When security for the file servers and permission controls are managed by the admin of the organization, it becomes difficult for employees to access and work on them. In one way or the other, this becomes a hindrance to their productivity & efficiency while transferring data securely.

This is the reason why companies, later on, switch to third-party solutions to let them manage their security and permissions.

Organizations that do not focus on granular permission control risk compromising their compliance. This leads to data leakage, data privacy, data ownership, data security, etc.

This is where NFC Vault comes into play. It allows you to enable granular permissions. You can use this to build a specific view for each user from Request to Receive, as well as define various permissions for different users. This is useful when a corporation wants to share a document with a client but does not want them to download or share it with anybody else.


Secure File Sharing and Transfer Options

A vast number of users use various File Storage and Sharing solutions on daily basis. However, those platforms miss out on some crucial features like setting the time duration of file-sharing or choosing the people to whom you want to provide permission to download files.

There are a few parameters that a user / organization that make the data transfer completely secure. We have listed some of them below:

  • Deciding the approved IP address range for receiving files
  • Permission of read-only to the users for the files
  • Prohibiting them to download the files

If the platform that you are using doesn’t have all these security parameters, then you should think about it.

Having a secure and easy-to-use data transfer platform is a dream of all users. It makes it easy for them to access and collaborate. At the same time, both compliance and control are met.

This is why our solution is considered as the best where you can find all the requirements in one place. It focuses on providing the users with the best experience, without any compromise on data privacy.

Notable Traits of Secure Data Transfer


Permissions for Folders

Specify various rights for folders at various levels of the directory hierarchy, or directly inherit from NTFS permissions.

Safe Data Room

With view-only permissions, you may provide secure access to files. You can deactivate downloads and editing option.

User Permissions

You may establish user privileges for folder sharing for everyone, from internal Active Directory users to external customers and partners.


Version control is applied to shared folders, and notifications are given to users who have subscribed to the folders.


Remote Wiping Function

The remote wipe capability can erase files from user devices that no longer need to receive data.

Expiration of Links

Link expiry helps safeguard file and folder access when using web-based link sharing. This feature proves to be extremely crucial when sharing files securely.

Endpoint Security

Encryption and remote wipe are applied to files and folders cached on corporate file servers on distant devices.

Policy on Access

Data transmission is protected by access controls ranging from IP address range to device permission.


A Cover-All Solution


It gives you an option of self-hosting. This lets you keep your data completely private.


In case of compliance, the solution provides GDPR and HIPAA checklists.

Permissions & Control

Permissions, group and access controls, audit trail, and file download recording are only a few of the control elements.

Safety of Data

Data-at-rest, data-in-transit, authentication integration with Active Directory and NTFS permissions are all covered by security mechanisms.


Secure File Sharing Solutions

Integration of Outlook

The automatic conversion of email attachments to links can reduce the need for file transmission via third-party servers. Data-at-rest encryption is used to safeguard files, with secure data transfers using SSL.

Data Rooms that are Secure

With view-only permissions, organizations may provide secure access to files. It is also possible to deactivate downloading and editing options.

Co-Editing and Authoring

Use native apps or Office 365 integration to easily collaborate on files with internal and external users.


NFC Vault allows you to add publicly available links in email signatures, websites, and other places to make external sharing easier.

Granular Permissions

Control access to shared files using granular folder permissions that control which users and groups have read, written, or share permissions.

Do You Have Any Queries Regarding the Secure Data Transfer Platform?

How it Helps You in Boosting Productivity?

Increases Your Speed Of Working

Mapped drives delay downloads until data is accessed and cached locally. This lets you access your data quickly in the future that in turn helps in saving bandwidth and storage use.

Makes Working Effortless

Provide the same streamlined experience to internal and external users, even while they are offline.

Functioning with Ease

Minimize user training with a mapped drive that works the same on-premises or remotely. Provide a seamless local experience for users even when they are offline.