Remotely Access Your Files From Anywhere

Don’t Let File Accessibility Become a Hindrance to your Work – Keep Moving! Continue Accessing All Files and Folders on a Cloud-Based Service with Proper Security and Integrity Without the Need of any VPN.

Why Us?

Being a part of a growing mobile workforce, accessing files remotely has become a necessity. The platform allows you to access your files securely with a click, from anywhere and anytime. Your data is always at your fingertips.


Situations Where Remote Accessibility Becomes Important?

Work From Home

Covid-19 gave us a real-life situation when we were forced to work from our places. But, would had it been possible if the files we had worked on weren’t accessible? This is where NFC Vault comes as a blessing in disguise. It was opted by top organizations to meet their mobile and remote access needs.

Even if the managers wanted to have power, they can do it by giving access to users, but having centralized control over the permissions. Through this, they can manage security and productivity at the same time.


Another Unavoidable Scenario for Users


Imagine going on a vacation with your family, and suddenly your manager asks you to do some important changes to a document.This has to be sent to the client urgently.

What will you do now? Is it worth spoiling your long-planned weekend? Not at all!

This is why we are here! A storehouse of all your files that you can access anytime and anywhere you feel like without any type of disrpution in between any kind of work and with giving the original format of all the files or folders.


How Our Solution Comes into Use & Addresses User's Problems

Traditionally, to remotely access files, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) were used. This was done because files were on the internal file servers and complete security had to be maintained.

However, they are not easy to work with.

Users faced connectivity issues and sluggish performance. Connecting the file servers from mobile devices had become a difficult task.

How Can We Help?

We provide end-point protection as it allows to access your files securely. The file shares are published over HTTPS / SSL and provide 100% safe access. For the ease of the users, It is also available on desktop and mobile. The level of security is also increased because the admins have centralized control to allow permissions to the users on the folders.

Advanced Features of Remote File Access

There are a bundle of different features, that you can experience by accessing the files remotely.


Remote Access

Ever wondered, how you can access your files from whichever location you feel like? This happens because we build a bridge between file servers and cloud storage. Thus, allowing you to view and make changes safely.

Web & Mobile Access

Accessing files and folders directly on a web browser is like a requirement of all users. Also, since we always have our mobile phones handy, having a feature to share files even from the mobiles can help boost productivity and ease of working.

Hybrid Access

We build a hybrid system between local file servers and cloud storage. Depending on the need, that can be converted to cloud-only. Thus, providing proper hierarchy data to the users.

Drive Mapping

The users also get a cloud mapping interface for users to be able to access the files from anywhere they want on demand with proper data consistency. Also, giving more hard drive space for storing large amount of data.

Cloud Backup

Edge device folders can be backed up to the company's central file servers and also exported to the private cloud. And, it allows consumers to operate the data depending on their requirements.


File Locking

The global file locking feature helps in locking the active files that are being edited. This helps in team collaboration and avoiding conflict of interest. It also permist multiple users editing the file together without any kind of risk.

End Point Protection

Even if the files are accessed remotely, it doesn’t make them vulnerable to hacking and other threats. Complete security is maintained for all files / folders. The corporate file servers cached on remote devices provide endpoint security and encryption.

Folder Permissions

Although the folders can be worked on from anywhere, the solution doesn’t allow them to make changes or share the documents without the permission of admin. Therefore, to have centralized control, the admin can define permissions for various folders of the directory structure.

User Rights

To protect the documents from being altered or shared by external clients of partners, the admin can define user rights from the internal Active Directory users to external clients and partners.

Version Control

Version control helps users keep a track of the changes made in the Shared folders with proper information security. The users subscribed to the folders can get notifications whenever this happens.

Most Preffered File Sharing Platform with a Wide Range of Customizations.

Benefits of Remote File Access

Since Your Files Are Kept On-Premises and Maintains Active Directory and NTFS Permission, Productivity Increases Without Keeping the Security at Risk.

Data Privacy

Users have the right to self-host their data, along with this their data is kept on the premises. This makes it even more secure.

Access Controls

Admin can use existing Active Directory and NTFS folder permissions to manage control of the documents.


Administrators have the right to execute HIPAA or GDPR compliance checks and provide reports proving compliance for file access and collaboration.

How it Helps You?

Productivity Benefits

Increases Efficiency

Since the files are kept on the premises, they are cached locally. This makes accessing the files quick and easy, without the need for the tedious setup of remote desktops or VPN file sharing.

Smooth Working

Legacy programs can continue using the original file shares, which are unaltered since the solution allows remote access to the same file shares from any device.

Makes Task Easier

Minimize user training with a mapped drive that works the same on-premises or remotely. Provide a seamless local experience for users even when they are offline.