SharePoint Alternative

Some important things you should know while replacing SharePoint with NFC Vault Solution.


Why Replace SharePoint With NFC Vault?

  • While using SharePoint, if there arises a large number of items in a document library then the performance and productivity will automatically become unstable. (only 5,000 items in the document library)
  • Limitations on the number of documents while syncing using the OneDrive sync client. (only 30,000 items sync)
  • The path for the URL will be only 400 characters for the files and folders.

NFC Vault - A Perfect Alternative to SharePoint

If you are having unlimited data present on your file servers and application compatibility, then their SharePoint online migration becomes quite complicated. So, the best choice is to continue with better Windows compatibility which leads to better application compatibility.

In fact, while continuing with the NFC Vault solution, there will be better SharePoint-like features such as web-browser-based access and file sharing.

Some Modern Highlights of NFC Over SharePoint



SharePoint will require additional efforts, maintenance, time, and highly qualified experts.

Data Privacy

Data should be migrated to an online platform like shared and other tenants.


The high cost is needed with better recreation permission structures or cleaning up of data.


Having multiple limitations in SharePoint and OneDrive will lead to the degradation of the data.

Data Collection

File Server having additionally application compatibility will make SharePoint, a second data storage system.

End Points

There will not be other backup or data storage scenes and maybe there will be limitations of data loss.

Why NFC Vault Solution?


NFC Vault is one of the better server-friendly collaboration platforms that has more focus on better security, control, and privacy of your data.

The solution combines the security and the permission control from the traditional file server and also focus more on productivity into a single unified platform. Since using SharePoint for proper scheduling and planning will take more of your time and efforts, so it is better to change your existing file server and the entire IT infrastructure.

Data Repository

Data should be managed into a single platform rather than saved on a file server or a Cloud server to make it scatter.


Complete NTFS and granular permissions for AD users with complete auditing and reporting done for all activities.

Flexible Access

File Server access on the mapped drive will be manage on Windows OS, Mac OS, mobile applications, android applications, and other web browsers.



While continuing with SharePoint, it will take less time and efforts and there will be any kind of need for extra technicalities and employees can change their work environment to transform their data into a new solution.

Business Productivity

Data on file servers will automatically store a copy on Cloud Server and vice versa for better business continuation.

Automatic File Locking

When the file server is online, it will be locked automatically. In addition to file locking, version control protects distributed access and better file collaboration.