Windows File Share Server

Easy to Access the Data Remotely Via Internet and Makes the Secure File Sharing Layer Across IT Infrasructure.

Why Us?

Distant and Internet File Access to Internal Windows File Share Server folders. Distant Internet Folder Access and File Sharing become Easy!


Windows Server Share Folder Over the Internet

While we are working on Local Area Network i.e., LAN, it becomes easy for us to access the local file server fastly, securely and more comfortably but when we work on Remote Web Access, we face multiple challenges.

Also, there are a lot of organizations who are finding a platform, a perfect online file sharing solution, to replace it with an existing solution and hence, there is no surprise as such it is better for them to buy a new file server.

However, online file sharing solutions introduce data sprawl, leakage of data, and difficulty in meeting the permission. A perfect way is to provide the current Windows File Server, modern capabilities as if it was from an online sharing service.


Data Collaboration Platforms – Windows File Servers

An Approach that adds an iPhone application, Internet Browser, Windows drive mapping, volume of Mac Finder to transfer your Windows File Server to a web-based File Server Solution.

Drive Mapping

Build a drive mapping on the user’s system without the need for any kind of VPN.

File Locking

Locking the used files or checking the files for offline access. Hence, it is one of the effective features for team collaborating.

Mobile Sharing

It provides different mobile platforms such as Android or iPhone to Access files and folders.

Web Interface

Internet browser file manager is one of the most effective parts of the Solution. It is easy, seamless, and attractive for users.

Windows File Share Server Made the Remote and Web Access Effortless!


Modern Way – Windows File Share Server

Acquires Local File Server, new distant web access, file sharing, and mobile platform abilities while maintaining the previous security, permission controls, and data proprietorship to enable file and folder permissions with current permissions!

Other Multiple Features

Enhanced features for Windows file Server distant access and mobile sharing.


WAN Optimized Drive Mapping

Provides Enhanced Drive Mapping technology for Web and WAN (Wide-Area-Network) Access.

  • An Unmodified file system with forwarding drive mapping.
  • Not Dependent on WebDav.
  • Domestic Drive letter implementation on Internet Explorer.
  • Improvement in WAN and end-point coded message.
  • Updated, attractive and acknowledging Interface.
  • Distant and Internet Access to Shared Folders.
  • Intermediate Web-Based Management.

Secure Auditing & Reporting

Has multiple security-related, reporting auditing features.

  • Present Directory and NTFS rights Implementation.
  • Examining Actions like Login Access and failure.
  • File change log and forensic proof.
  • Team Rights for Internet Share Folder Access.
  • Safe and Secure Web-Based Data Room for Shared folders.
  • Different Authenticator Applications provide Two-factor Authentication.

Collaboration Features

Provides Multiple collaboration features such as version control and file locking.

  • Version Control for Current Windows File Share Server.
  • Automated File Locking for Virtual Access.
  • Incompatibility Awareness for Offline access.
  • Concurrent Internet Editing via Microsoft 365.
  • Cooperating with both Internal and External Clients.
  • Offline Editing when there is no Internet connectivity.
  • Standard Check-In and Check-Out for information.

Branding Support

Contribute to White labels and entire labeling support.

  • White Label help from the Internet portal to Mobile Client users.
  • You can brand them from the Internet portal to indigenous clients.

More Remote Internet and Windows File Share Server Access Highlights

Terminates the major limitations of distant file server access and file sharing solution and provides both the states - including the safety and security, and operate legacy file servers cooperating with cloud collaboration efficiency ad improving productivity.


For different Resolutions of Screen and appliances profiles, an Internet file browser manager is responsive.

Single Sign-On

Particular Sign-On from ADFS and Azure Ad is supportive.

Revision Manager

Maintain the data changes and revision history from the Internet Browser portal.

Document Viewer

Internet-Based reader for different document types.

Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop local files to sync into Internet folders.

Guest Users

View and read-only users have free and unlimited access.

Common Features – Windows File Share Server

NFC Vault Solution makes the Remote File Access simple with a safe file sharing layer existing on the top of the Windows File Server and in the surrounding IT infrastructure.


Cloud Drive Mapping

Enables Distant Internet Access without the use of VPN.


By coordinating with Microsoft 365, it is easy to do web-based co-editing and co-authoring of files inside the shared folder.

Abundant Folder

To share abundant files and folders as Internet links or email, use Microsoft Outlook integration.

Web Link Sharing

Use Web links to share the data with recipients.


Audit Trace

Provides Intermediate reporting and auditing for Remote Web Access and file sharing.

Folder Privileges

Manging different permissions for folders at different levels of the directory structure.

Secure Data Room

Web-Based Data room makes the data safe and secure by enabling read-only access with disabling the download.

User Permissions

It is easy for users to describe rights for folder sharing from Internal Active Directory to outbound partners.